5 Books Adoptive Families MUST Read in 2017

If you've heard the still and small, or loud and booming voice of God calling you to adopt, there's a mix of emotions that usually follows. The butterflies flutter as you start wondering about the child God will bring as your own. The elation comes when you imagine your family growing by one, or more! Then fear usually sneaks in saying, "Am I really ready for this?"

The questions and doubts can come from your own heart, your spouse, even family and friends. You may also start wondering what you could experience in the adoption process and raising your adopted child that's may be different from raising biological children. To address these questions and begin to prepare for your adoption journey, here's a list of 5 books that we recommend for future, and even current, adoptive parents:


1. The Connected Child by Karyn Purvis

The late Dr. Karyn Purvis' book shares the revolutionary trust based relational intervention method of parenting. Adoptive parents around the world have experienced hope in parenting children from traumatic places through the methods taught in Purvis' book. It's a must read for parents who are adopting, fostering, or whose child is struggling behaviorally. 


2. Adopted for Life by Russell Moore

Dr. Russell Moore is the father of four boys, two biological, and two adopted. He writes this book from the perspective of "what would I say to my younger self" and "here's what I wish I knew when I was where you are." If you'd like to gain wisdom from someone who's been there before, this book is for you!


3. Thriving As An Adoptive Family by David & Renee Sanford

Packed with practical advice and ideas for families with an adopted child, this parenting handbook is unique in that it provides real-life solutions to common challenges. Bible-based and comprehensive, this Focus on the Family resource addresses the special challenges of adopted children and their parents from birth through adulthood.

One of the biggest fears families have before adopting is the overwhelming cost. Here are two books to read when the dollar signs seem daunting:


4. You Can Adopt Without Debt by Julie Gumm

One of the many reasons why families are hesitant to adopt is the financial setback. With adoption costs on the rise, it can seem impossible to afford agency fees, legal fees, medical costs, etc. Gumm's book gives practical advice and ideas other families have used to overcome the financial obstacles of adoption, so you can say, "We DID adopt without debt!"


5. The Orphan, the Widow & Me by JT Olson

JT Olson is the Founder and Executive Director of Both Hands, a non-profit serving orphans, widows and adoptive families. After experiencing tragedy in his youth and being orphaned alongside his siblings, he brings a unique perspective of his journey to transforming his pain into passion and becoming an adoptive parent himself.

His story will make you laugh, make you cry, and ultimately overcome those hesitations you may have in moving forward with that next step in life, especially adoption. He will inspire you to dream God-sized dreams, and will show you how nearly 650 families have fundraised for their adoptions through the Both Hands model raising an average of over $11,000 per project! 

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