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In Nashville, we have a beautiful thing that marks the changes in our weather.  They are called seasons.  Some readers may not have seasons as they are either 75 degrees year round, or maybe they have snow 8 months of the year, a week of not-so-cold, a month of hot and then back to kind-of-cold again.  And even in Nashville the seasons can get a bit confused.  (Snowing in mid-March, two weeks after an 80 degree snap?  Nashville!)  Most seasons are great, right up until the last few weeks when it is time for the next season to "just get here already," but by far, in Nashville, Spring would have to be the greatest of them all.

Winter is too cold, Summer is too hot.  Fall feels like everything is dying.  But Spring... Spring marks the beginning. 

A famous baseball announcer used to start every spring training with the following address from Song Of Solomon:

“For lo, the winter is past, the rain is over and gone; the flowers appear on the earth; the time of the singing of birds is come, and the voice of the turtle is heard in our land.” SOS 2:11-12

Other than the voice of a turtle, that pretty much sums it up.  For Lo, the Winter has passed! The colors of spring; the purples, pinks greens, they mark rebirth.  The breaking out of light jackets suggest that warmth is coming.  Spring brings transformation to the world.  New Year's resolutions should really be reserved for Spring, because that is the real rebirth of the year.  Change has come!  

Spring is also a time for planting and planning and getting ready for what the rest of the year has to bring us.  Some fierce gardeners pride themselves on having the first plants of the season.  They set up greenhouses so they can work through the late winter, sowing seeds as early as they can to make sure they are ready for gathering.  They do the work in the spring to enjoy the fruits of their labor come harvest.  Spring is when we work and plan for our future.

And, if you haven’t noticed, or taken the time to think about it, Easter is perfectly placed in spring.  Go figure, God having perfect timing!  Spring shows us that just because things seem bleak and dead, they still live.  Jesus was dead, yet he came back.  It was scary and dark and there were many tears, yet he came back.  He showed us Winter; what life was like without him, and he became Spring; rebirth and what life can be with him in our lives.  

To sum up: Spring is a beginning.  Spring is renewal.  Spring is a time for planning for the future.  Spring is here!

All of that to say, if you are reading this on the Both Hands site, and you somehow missed it, our Vision Project is right around the corner.  “Coincidentally,” it is Easter weekend... see, there’s that perfect timing again.  It too kind of marks the start of our year.  It is our biggest financial push to do what we do, which is help families raise money for adoption by serving widows.  If you are here looking around to see what it is we do, we can’t put it any more simply than that.  We help people by helping people.  If you are here looking for adoption assistance, this is how we are able to help you in your God ordained task of expanding your family to include a child.  Our Vision Project is our sowing for the coming year.  Planning and planting now so we can have a great year!

If you are interested in helping out, there is still time to pitch in or donate.  There is always time to pitch in and there is always time donate!  And don’t misconstrue the word donate to only include money.  Both Hands requires helping hands, just like yours to support our mission of taking care of children by helping widows.  

The second point of this post is to say, “Hey, check it out, we have a blog!”  

If you have ever met JT Olson, you know he is a storyteller.  A very passionate storyteller!  And his stories are good, because they are true.  They are simple, beautiful, inspirational and true.  They are the stories of people, helping people by helping people.  And while each story of adoption and a widow served is, at its root, the same; a community of people comes together to help a family bring a child home by serving a widow, each story in its detail is very different.  Those stories need to be told, and we want to tell them.   

In the coming months, hopefully, we will have more blogs.  Blogs that announce what we are doing and how our events went.  Blogs that will introduce you to adoptive families and the widows they helped.  Blogs to keep you in touch and connected to the work of Both Hands.

For Both Hands, this blog is like our Spring.  Oh, don't get us wrong, we've been here a while, but we are still young.  We have served 373 widows and 392 orphans in 39 states, but we have so much more to accomplish.  We're just getting started.  And for you, maybe this is your beginning too.  Maybe you are searching for answers on how to fundraise for your adoption.  Let us help you plant the seeds for your growing family.  Let us... help.  It's what we love to do. 

Spring is here!  

- Michael Brannin, guest blogger

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