Low Family: Midland family in process of adopting a boy from Hungary

Lori and Jimmy Low open their doors for when their new adopted son comes home.

"It's almost like holding your breath and not knowing when you're going to get to exhale," said Jimmy.

Their son, Presley, 7, is waiting for a special someone to play with.

"Why I don't play with my toys is because I want my friends to play with my toys. So I decided that I want a little brother."

"You wake up one day and realize, 'Well I could do something about one kid,'" said Jimmy. "Somewhere out there, there's one kid I can provide with a safe place and a good place to grow up."

The family's home caught fire back in 2014. After losing thousands of dollars worth of property damage, they realized they were ready to bring in a new family member, a son aged 5-7 from Hungary. 

"I loved the idea that they cared so much for their orphans," said Lori. "Requiring a family to live with them so they can make sure that the bonding process is going well for such a long period of time."

The Lows are using Both Hands, an organization to help families in adoption fees. The program allows the family to gain sponsorship by helping a widow's home with labor intensive work for one day.

JT Olson is the founder of the organization. He said he began the program in 2007 when their first project became a success.

"You're killing two birds with one stone. You're serving a widow, at the same time, you're saving money to bring an orphan home," said Olson.

All of the money raised from sponsors will go directly into the the family's adoption process, totaling up to $45,000. 

"Anything would help, you know we got out of debt to start the adoption process, and we are going on faith that we will not go back in debt."

The family said once they have a child chosen, they will stay in Hungary for 30-45 days to start bonding with their new son.

"It's not a question anymore. It's not a matter of are we going to do it, but how many times," said Jimmy. "How long are we going to be able to continue to provide a good place for these young kids to live."

"I know what its like to be an orphan," said Olson. "I know what its like to wake up the next morning and hope it was all a dream and realize after about 30 seconds that no it wasn't a dream. I know what it's like to get that news that mom and dad are dead but I also know what it's like to be rescued."

The family is waiting on the adoption referral, they said they could receive it at any any time. You can follow their adoption journey by viewing their blog. We will continue to follow this story. 

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This article was written by Jolina Okazaki for the NewsWest9. The article can be found HERE: http://www.newswest9.com/story/32033796/midland-family-in-process-of-adopting-a-boy-from-hungary

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