Making a Difference (Fix Family)

Wendy Fix has been cleaning this yard since 9 am.

"Our crews is here today cleaning up, doing a lot of seasonal cleanup. It's for a great cause," says Wendy Fix, Bismarck, N.D.

Wendy, her family, and 30 volunteers helped out. 
They're cleaning the house inside and out.
With both hands.
The Both Hands Project, that is.

"My wife found this project and so we are helping one of the widows in our church," says Mike Fix, Pastor.

The Both Hands project is designed to help widows clean up their home.
And raise money for another family-oriented cause.

"We just thought it was a great idea," says Wendy Fix.

The Fix family is raising money for their trip to China next week.
A 12 to 14 hour journey to add a new member to their family.

"We are adopting a nine year old boy. He will turn nine when I'm in China with him. So he will have his first birthday party. He will get a family and birthday all in the same week," says Wendy Fix.

His American name will be Levi.

"Levi that is the name that we have chosen for him. It means adhere, joined, attached. We love the name and we certainly love the meaning behind it," says Wendy Fix.

Levi will be Mike and Wendy's ninth child, their second adopted child from China.
Their first, Selah, fit right into the family.

"She's a goon sometimes, but she's cute and we get along pretty well," says Isaac Fix.

But the price of adoption isn't cheap.
Mike says adoptions can cost up to 35,000 dollars.

Which is why the Fix family and volunteers worked hard today.

"There has just been a lot of people who we don't even know who have sent encouragement. It has been a lot of fun," says Wendy Fix.

And the most rewarding part...

"Going to a place where children like we are adopting don't have a lot of value, and bringing them here. And being able to raise them up in a loving family, that's rewarding," says Mike Fix.

Whether it is cleaning a widow's home or adopting a child.
The Fix family knows it takes both hands to make difference.

This is the first Both Hands project that has been done in the state of North Dakota.


This article was written by Mike Chaussee of KXNews. The article can be viewed HERE:

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