‘The Entire Adoption Journey is About Obedience’

"I first found out about Both Hands when we began researching adoption. The expense was overwhelming to us but when I saw the video explaining the Both Hands concept, I knew that this would be the way God would provide to bring our son home. Every aspect of the project, from identifying our widow to completing the work tasks, shined God’s glory. Really, the entire adoption journey is about obedience.

We were referred to a widow we'd never met and forged a new friendship. Sharing about our waiting son's medical needs even helped unravel a medical mystery with her daughter! Only God could have brought us together...  




One of the greatest blessings to us was seeing our team step out in faith to invite their friends and family to support our mission. Many of them were hesitant or skeptical, but knew that God was calling them to send letters and join our team. We obeyed God’s call to adopt and listened to His voice of provision through Both Hands. Our team members obeyed His prompting to join our team and send letters.

Many who received letters were called to give obediently and did so sacrificially. Some of the largest donations are from people we've never met. Over $18,000 came in through our Both Hands project and now that we are in the final weeks of waiting, our focus is on preparing our hearts and home for our son, not worried about funding. We are so grateful! Thank you, Both Hands, for bringing communities together to surround orphans and widows with God's love and provision!" 

- Eric & Megan Johnson   |   Project 4/18/15    |     View their project page here!





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Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress...

James 1:27 (NIV)