Walrod family in Eudora, KS help out on the farm!

With three biological children and three adopted children, the Walrod family still wants to add to their family.

“Everybody is called to do something,” said Cherri Walrod, mom. “Not everyone is called to adopt but everybody is called to do something and our particular calling is adoption.”

A calling that's led members of the Eudora community to team up to raise money toward funds for the Walrod's adoption.

The Both Hands Project not only raises money for the Walrods, but helps Bonnie Neis, a life-long resident, who lost her husband 2 and a half years ago.  

“We live on a farm and it's just kind of slowly deteriorate, gone downhill,” said Neis. “I just don't have the time or the energy to work full time and work for the farm.” 

Volunteers will help Bonnie with a few home improvement projects. In turn, community members will sponsor their efforts. 

“All the funds that come in through the sponsorship dollars go to the non-profit foundation, Both Hands Foundation, which then in turn pays for adoption costs,” said Walrod.

Providing children a forever home and giving bonnie the help she needs around the farm.

“If in the end it raises funds for the Walrods to adopt their two new kiddos, I am all for that,” said Neis. “They really have a heart and passion for adopting.”

“This is just the best way at this point to bring these orphans home and to show a widow how much we love her,” said Neis.

Volunteers will help Neis on Sept. 3.The Walrods hope to raise rough $15,000 for their travels to China to adopt Karly and Kolson at the end of September. Kolson will be 4 in September. Karly turns 5 this August.


This article was written by Kara Protasio of the 6News station. The article, and accompanying video, can be found HERE: http://6lawrence.com/news/local-news/20052-eudora-family-seeks-sponsors-to-adopt-children-help-widow

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