Let’s Make It Six!

November 15, 2019

Boy do we love this story, folks. This family and their project really capture everything we always want a Both Hands project to have: Prayer, commitment, Christ-centered love, BIG impact and, of course, adoption!

After the birth of their third child, Frank and Tori Frausto wondered if they were done growing their family, or if God had more in store for them. That’s when adoption came into their hearts, and they began to pray…

…And God said YES! In May of this year, the Fraustos hosted their Both Hands project serving Ms. Judy, a widow and friend who had also adopted children of her own. And get this, the Fraustos raised over $21,600 for their adoption costs!

A few months and a few flights later, they found themselves in India welcoming their daughter into her forever family. Frank and Tori told us:

“It’s been a whirlwind and a time of incredible growth for our sweet girl and our family as we’ve been getting know one another and settling in as a family of six. Her smile speaks volumes of the goodness of God!”

This is the beauty of a Both Hands project: The calling of James 1:27 is answered, and the impact is HUGE. A widow is blessed, an orphan is brought home, and a team of volunteers have a chance to give their life away for a day.


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