The Orphan Care Project


The Orphan Care project explained

What's An Orphan Care Project?

Both Hands helps churches & orphan/foster care ministries fund their missions through completing a service project helping a widow in their community.

An Orphan Care project works just like an Adoption Fund project, except the funds raised go towards orphan causes, such as an ministry's mission fund or a church's orphan care fund.


Who Can Do An Orphan Care Project?

  • An orphan or foster care nonprofit who wants to raise funds for their mission
  • A church who wants to start or increase funds for their orphan care ministry or adoption fund
  • Anyone who wants to help widows in their community and support an orphan care ministry they care about!
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Both Hands is a really beautiful and tangible project! I can honestly say that it has been a great experience for us to bring people together to be servants, to give back to the community and to others.

Chosen For Life Ministries Raised over $59,000 through their Orphan Care project

How It Works

ABBA Fund Project Day 2

Gather a Team

Both Hands serves widows & orphans, but each project also brings communities together! Every project starts with a project leader that gathers a Core Team of volunteers to serve and fundraise for the cause.


Find a Widow

Widows are often overlooked in our communities and need help, but aren't sure how to find it. Both Hands will help you identify a widow in your community to serve for your project.

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Serve for a Day

Now the fun begins! You and your team will serve your widow for a day while building community. Both Hands will coach you through getting supplies donated for tasks such as painting, cleaning, landscaping and decluttering.


Raise Funds for Your
Orphan Cause

You and your team raise funds for the cause by sending fundraising letters and sharing your web page. Both Hands covers our operating costs through private donors, so NO funds raised by you and your team are deducted for Both Hands' operating costs.

A Different Kind of Fundraiser

Our Orphan Care projects raise an average of $10,051* for orphan causes!

*Based on the average of every orphan care project completed in 2023. Projects are not guaranteed to raise the average.

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