Widow Support

Both Hands - One Hand for the Widow - One Hand for the Orphan.

At Both Hands, we help groups organize service projects on widows' homes to raise funds for adoptions and causes supporting orphaned and vulnerable children. You can learn more about how a Both Hands project works here. Projects typically involved light, skilled labor tasks such as landscaping, cleaning, decluttering and painting.

Our hope is to connect widows with a local group to get the help they need, however we understand that a widow may need additional support outside of a typical Both Hands project. Below we have provided links to other wonderful ministries that provide community through local support groups and other practical resources.

Interested in volunteering to serve a widow in near you? Let us know here!

Never Alone Widows exists to love the widow well through weekend encounters, national gatherings, local chapters and online resources. Never Alone Widows local chapters exist to provide a safe environment where community can be created, healing can occur, and hope can be found.

Faithfully Restored started after feeling a deep longing to give back and provide hope to other women in need. We have all experienced trials that have rocked us and challenged our faith, and it was God who placed people in our lives that lifted us up and supported us during our darkest days. We want everyone to experience that sense of support and community in the midst of their own trials and our hope is that Faithfully Restored can provide that to women in need.

Modern Widows Club helps you transform your grief after loss into a positive, purposeful future while embracing your own strength and courage. Join them to build new friendships and community as you walk this path with your Wisters (widow + sisters). Ongoing services and support to transform grief into reconciliation are availble both online and in-person through Modern Widows Club Community & Support groups.

Hope Gathering is a Christian organization who desires to come alongside hurting widows bringing comfort, encouragement, community, hope and purpose. Hope Gathering Community Groups provide community for those new to loss or still working through grief. This is a group of women who have all been there and are here for you. These monthly gatherings are meant to be a comfort zone of support and include a meal, devotional, and a program ranging from honest conversations to practical advice.

Perspective Ministries' mission is to help meet the practical, emotional, and spiritual needs of the widow and fatherless through biblical guidance and tangible touches of care.


At GriefShare you’ll receive valuable guidance and tips, leading you to relief, comfort, and peace of mind. While everyone’s response to loss is unique, people facing loss and grief will experience many of the same challenges. The weekly GriefShare topics address these common struggles—providing valuable tips, encouragement, and direction.

If you have additional questions or a request for support or prayer from Both Hands, please fill out the form below.