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Braden & Emily Picardi

June 22, 2024 | Telford, PA
Emily and Braden have always known that adoption would be how they grew their family and are eager to serve and love little ones needing family. Early in their marriage they hosted international students and enjoyed getting to know new cultures and languages as they built relationships with these students long term. Last summer it became clear that their season of hosting had come to an end and it was time to focus on growing their own family through adoption. They were drawn to the culture and language in Latin America and found great joy and peace in pursuing international adoption from there, having had so many multicultural experiences previously.
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1-2 Children

Orphan(s) | Colombia

Emily and Braden are eager to grow their family through the adoption of 1-2 school aged children from Colombia. Having started the process last summer, they're now awaiting approval from Colombia's government to be matched with specific children. They hope to be matched with 1-2 school aged children whose needs can be accommodated attending the school that Emily works in, and knitting them into a safe and warm community of close friends and church family there.

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Ms. Margaret

Widow | Pennsylvania

Margaret, a widow since 2005, ministers to missionary kids (MKs), missionaries, widows, and others in the community walking through crisis. Through Mercifully Known Ministries, she demonstrates the love of our Heavenly Father by coming alongside with hope, help and encouragement. Due to water damage, their home and ministry center recently had to be remediated, so Margaret and her family were displaced for almost a year. Now that they’re back home, they need help finishing the remediation clean up as well as planting hundreds of donated flowers and mulching the flower beds, getting the house and property ready to again serve others in need.

A Different Kind of Fundraiser

A team of volunteers is completing a service project of fixing up a widow's home. We are raising sponsorship for our day of service. The funds raised will help an orphan(s) to become adopted into a forever family. Will you sponsor us?

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