The 2019 Vision Project

April 28, 2019

On April 6th 2019, Both Hands hosted the Vision Project where we raised support for our organization by serving two widows in our local community. 

We had nearly 100 volunteers show up on a Saturday to come and live out the calling of James 1:27… WOW! Thanks to our volunteers, we got to make a HUGE impact!

Check out what Ms. Tara had to say after the project:

This experience has been one of God telling our hearts, ‘I see you. You are not forgotten.’ I think in being served our hearts are broken wide open to be able to serve others more. In giving, you create more giving.

We think she hit the nail on the head, folks. We love seeing how these projects encourage people to be good stewards of what God has given them! Your support helps us serve more widows, orphans, and families, all while keeping our pledge to never take a penny out of the money raised for family projects.

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