The Humphries Add Two!

January 29, 2019

The Humphries felt God tug on their hearts and open the door for them to adopt and share their family with children who do not have one.

They completed their Both Hands project in March of 2018, having an incredible impact on Ms. Val’s home. When all was said and done, they raised¬†over $25,200 for their adoption costs!

Months later, Kate sent us an update:

We have (finally) made it home with our sons Zinah and Konah. Our stay in Liberia was extended by 2.5 weeks due to some unforeseen issues. But despite the delays, we have finalized the adoption and made it back home together!

We thank you so much for being such an integral part of our adoption. I have no idea how we would have adopted without Both Hands. I know you guys get how expensive international adoption is and adopting two is even more expensive. Our project funded just over a third of out total costs and we could not be more thankful. I tell EVERYONE who says they are adopting to participate in a Both Hands project. You all are a class act!! From your encouragement to the actual program – we appreciate YOU.

We want to help more families like the Humphries bring their children home. Would you consider sharing Both Hands with anyone you know who’s adopting or considering adoption? Let’s bring more children like Zinah and Konah into their forever families.

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